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Places to Eat

Alexander’s Restaurant

730 Merchant Street, Ambridge

Ambridge Italian Villa

1710 Duss Ave., Ambridge

Annie Lee’s Southern Kitchen

1601 Duss Ave., Ambridge

Aunt Bridget’s Tea Room

1400 Duss Ave., Ambridge

Azul Bar Y Cantina

122 Broad Street, Leetsdale

Ba’Runi Grille

3797 Duss Ave., Baden

Bridgetown Taphouse

939 Merchant Street, Ambridge

Duss Avenue Café

 1811 Duss Ave., Ambridge


Frank’s Pizzeria

618 Duss Ave., Ambridge

Fritzy’s Bistro

603 Duss Ave., Ambridge

K&N Restaurant

755 Merchant St., Ambridge

La Poblanita

517 Merchant Street, Ambridge

Little Athens Catering

499 Merchant Street, Ambridge

Maple Restaurant

63 Maplewood Ave, Ambridge

Ni’s Wok

703 Merchant St., Ambridge

Old Crow Coffeehouse

1398 Merchant Street, Ambridge

Police Station Pizza

1007 Merchant St., Ambridge

Talerico’s Bar and Grill

2300 Duss Ave, Ambridge

Track’s End Restaurant

2934 Duss Ave, Ambridge

Vocelli Pizza

447 Merchant Street, Ambridge


Fermata Brewing Company

918 Merchant Street, Ambridge

Altered Genius Brewing Co.

411 Merchant Street

Merchant Street Coffee Co.

922 Merchant Street, Ambridge


1301 Merchant St, Ambridge

A Harmonist kitchen. There's a shelf full of pottery and a sink in the back. In the foreground there is a cast iron stove and a table and chair. The table has food and pottery set on it.
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