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Laboring for Harmonie

Old Economy features an exhibit about labor within and related to the Harmony Society.  Learn about indentured children, hired workers, and the Chinese laborers in the Beaver Falls Cutlery, a Harmonist investment.

Orientation Exhibit

Preparing for Eternity: The Life of the Harmony Society

The Visitor Center’s Orientation exhibit, “Preparing for Eternity: The Life of the Harmony Society”, tells the story of the Harmony Society. The town of Economy, located in modern-day Ambridge, was the home of a religious communal society that came to America to freely-practice its religion. The Harmony Society signed the Articles of Agreement on February 15, 1805, in nearby Harmony, Pennsylvania. The group settled in Economy in 1824.

This exhibit traces the history of this prosperous group of people from its origins in Württemberg, in modern-day Germany, to America until the Society closed in 1905. The Harmonists played an instrumental part in the development of Pittsburgh, and surrounding regions. Their industries included the manufacture of wool, cotton, and silk textiles, as well as the production of wine, beer and other beverages.

The financial investments ranged far and wide, from railroads and river travel, to coal, oil, and timber production. The Harmony Society also established the town of Beaver Falls with all of its businesses, and attracted Geneva College to re-establish itself in Beaver County. This exhibit offers a great look into the lives and stories of this interesting group.

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